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"NOTES" VALUES SONGS (for children beginners)

These songs by Nancy and Randall Faber correspond to the Primer Level of “The Piano Adventures” series, but they can also be used with “My first Piano Adventures” or with any other method at the stage of learning these notes’ values. They are meant to be sang along with the music by the student. As an option, they can also be tapped or clapped (following the metronome set at the video) with the corresponding note’s value. A short explanation is given before each song starts. The videos are accompanied by the lyrics.

It has a head and a stem and a dot at the end [three times]

Half note dot, half note dot, half note dot!

It’s got a head and a stem, but it’s not colored in [three times]

Half note, half note, half note!

It has a head and a stem, and it’s all colored in [three times]

Quarter note, quarter note, quarter note!

It’s got a head, but no stem and it’s not colored in [three times]

Whole note, whole note, whole note!


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