Georgina Bustelo | Piano Studio LLC.

My Studio

The studio is in the basement of my residence with its own bathroom and exterior entrance. It is conveniently located in a calm and accessible neighborhood in Rolling Hills Dr. in Moscow, Idaho.


Lessons are provided in a professional environment equipped with a Yamaha G3 grand piano for the lessons and a Yamaha P-85 digital piano for complimentary use. My studio offers a space for developing creativity and spontaneity. The room is spacious and comfortable, allowing the student to move around freely when the activities require body movements. My studio is an attractive learning space full of didactic material for different musical activities. There is a library with scores and music books , a whiteboard, flash-cards, music games, and easy-to-use rhythmic instruments which help to feel the beat and rhythm and to develop fine motor skills, concentration, creativity and coordination. There is a nice couch for parents sitting in the lessons.


Rolling Hills Dr. Moscow, Idaho, USA