Georgina Bustelo | Piano Studio LLC.

Studio Philosophy

Learning how to play music helps child’s growth and development, it is a great skill to develop and a source of enjoyment at every stage of our lives. Everyone deserves an opportunity to find an artistic bent venturing to the music. Playing music represents a creative and sensitive way of communication for humanity. Mind and body respond to certain stimulates such the energy of the music. Playing an instrument develops our brain activity as well as our sensitivity, and also helps to control a proper use of our body. Within the instrument, the piano is a complete instrument full of music possibilities.


As a student I always enjoyed practicing very much because I found the challenge of achieving technical and musical demands very stimulating. I realized that I developed my creativity not only through playing but also through the capacity of testing, observing, analyzing, and listening. So I encourage my students to enjoy and be enthusiastic with the process of learning as much as with the performing, promoting a love of learning that is also beneficial in other aspects of life.


As a piano teacher I have experiences working with children, teenagers and adults in different countries, environments, and institutions. Every work experience allowed me to improve and develop my teaching skills and to make an extraordinary bond with my students and with music. I am committed to offer quality and personalized piano lessons, understanding that each student is different. I incorporate creative teaching methods and strategies that best suit each learner. I encourage creativity and critical thinking and I aim to inspire lifelong love for music in my students.


I believe in singing and body movement as an important tool for the process of music learning and for a better understanding of concepts.

Teaching is as much a passion for me as it is music. I am certain that teaching is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, and among the highest responsibilities in our society. I consider teaching a privilege and a great opportunity to create special bonds with people.


Rolling Hills Dr. Moscow, Idaho, USA