Georgina Bustelo | Piano Studio LLC.

Studio Philosophy

Learning to play music offers invaluable benefits for a child’s growth and development, serving as a rewarding skill and source of joy throughout life. I believe everyone deserves the chance to explore their artistic potential through music. Playing music is a uniquely creative and expressive form of communication that transcends humanity. It stimulates both mind and body, enhancing brain activity, emotional sensitivity, and physical coordination.


As a student, I found immense joy and stimulation in the challenges of mastering technical and musical skills through a diligent practice. This path not only fueled my creativity but also improved my skills in experimentation, observation, analysis, and active listening. I encourage my students to embrace the learning process with as much enthusiasm as they do performance, cultivating a broader love for learning that extends beyond music into other life areas.


As a piano teacher I have experiences working with children, teenagers and adults in different countries, environments, and institutions. Each unique opportunity has enriched my teaching skills and deepened the connection I share with both my students and music itself. I am committed to offer high-quality and personalized piano lessons, recognizing the individuality of each student. My approach integrates creative teaching methods and strategies that align with each learner’s unique needs. I foster an environment that nurtures creativity and critical thinking, aiming to stimulate a lifelong passion for music in all my students. 


Teaching is as much a passion for me as it is music. It is a great privilege to inspire students through the power of music. I am certain that teaching is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, and among the highest responsibilities in our society. Teaching is an extraordinary opportunity to create meaningful connections and nurture lifelong love for music.


Rolling Hills Dr. Moscow, Idaho, USA